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 Empower, Enlighten, Enable 

 girls and women to grow into the highest expression of themselves 


girls and women with the confidence and esteem to know their worth

What We Do?


girls and women with greater knowledge and understanding of all that is within them to successfully navigate life


girls and women to set and achieve life goals through making self-supporting choices and decisions

How We Work?

iMatter is a social enterprise for strategy, program development, planning, and delivery services. The variety of the programs we offer and co-create with clients are designed to plant seeds in youth, young adults and organizations to grow into their highest expression.


For our focus is strategy, service and support. We believe in the power of collaboration to serve the greater good and increase the numbers of girls and women we can serve together. Through connections and partnerships with corporations, organizations, schools, churches that share our vision for supporting young women, together we can broaden our reach and impact.


Contact us to bring a signature iMatter program to your organization or to discuss how we can co-create or tailor a program specifically for your needs.

To develop and deliver holistic programs designed to empower, englighten, and enable. program experiences provide youth and young adults with practical and mindful resources and tools needed to achieve life goals and make self-supporting, conscious choices.

iMatter Consulting provides full scale strategies and solutions to support inclusion, diversity and equity.

Our Mission

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