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About Us


Growing up is hard and girls and young women face many challenges as they are bombarded with many influences of who they should be in the world. Social media and television often influence and send conflicting messages about what is success and what defines beauty. iMatter programs are designed to plant seeds and provide tools to support girls and young women in tapping into and trusting the power within. With our resources, we will empower girls and young women to define themselves for themselves based on who they were created to be.


iMatter is a program development, planning, and delivery support services social enterprise. The variety of the programs we offer are designed to plant seeds in girls and young women that support them in growing into the highest expression of themselves.

Our focus is service and support and we believe in the power of collaboration to serve the greater good and increase the numbers of girls and young women we can serve together. Through connections and partnerships with corporations, organizations, schools, churches that share our vision, together we can broaden our reach and impact.


Let’s create unique esteem building program experiences to help all girls know and believe, iMatter!


~Cheryl Wade, iMatter Founder & CEO

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