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Why Choose Us?


iMatter was founded from a passion to serve and support girls and young women by providing early access and exposure to esteem building experiences. iMatter program experiences are intended to plant seeds that will enable our youth to grow into well-rounded, enlightened young adults who are empowered to make healthy and self supporting choices. iMatter believes as author Mark Nepo that, ‘There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths’.


In the case where a choice is made that results in an unexpected turn, iMatter programs are designed to support girls to learn how to separate the choice and unintended outcome from who they are at the core and to empower them to consider different choices in support of a bright future.


Primarily focused on girls and young women, iMatter program experiences can also be tailored for mixed gender audiences where gender diversity enriches the learning experience for both and directly supports the intended program objective.

iMatter programs plant and nourish seeds within girls rooted in three main areas:


  • Leadership & Enrichment

  • Health & Wellness

  • Arts & Culture


iMatter Sample Program Experiences


  • Seed Mentoring

  • Teen Talk Series

  • iMatter Immersion Experience For Girls



iMatter belives that all girls should have the practical and mindful tools to make conscious and self-supporting life choices and decisions.



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