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iMatter Pledge of Empowerment


I am a girl and iMatter! I pledge to love myself. I know that loving me first and walking with confidence is an important part of my development. I will delight in discovering my unique gifts, talents and abilities and I will use them as sources of satisfaction to serve the world. I will at all times believe in my own power as a capable human being growing as a teenage girl into a young lady seeking to discover my purpose that is always within reach. I pledge to contribute to this purpose by considering and always improving my emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. I will gain knowledge wherever I can from the family, counselors, teachers, mentors and friends sent by the universe and use their insights to empower my journey and live out my own story. I will not be intimidated or seek my validation from others; instead I will celebrate beauty within me and wherever I see it. I will not fall victim to an inadequate opinion of myself but I will make self-supporting decisions as I learn and grow. I will be kind. I will walk with integrity. I will be resilient. I am committed to honoring my parents, my community and the positive legacy of humanity of the ancestors who walked the earth before me.  I will reject anything that does not align itself with my worth.  I am a girl who is beginning to discover who she is and the greatness of what I will achieve. Today and every day, I will remember that iMatter!


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