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Our Programs

iMatter program experiences are intended to plant seeds that will enable youth and young adults to grow into well-rounded, enlightened adults who are empowered to make healthy and self- supporting choices.


Primarily focused on girls and young women, iMatter program experiences can also be tailored for mixed gender audiences where gender diversity enriches the learning experience.

iMatter Immersion Experience


The iMatter Immersion Experience is an overnight experience for girls to fully immerse into a variety of topics through interactive, fun workshops and sessions designed to support girls in learning practical and mindful tools that will support them in navigating life and making self-supporting and conscious choices for themselves.  Includes sessions on leadership & enrichment, health & wellness, and arts & culture.  


Program duration and design can be tailored based on the intended learning objectives and the age and needs of the program participants.

Seed Mentoring


The iMatter Seed Mentoring Series uses the rotational table model of speed dating to help plant seeds that build awareness and educate on various topics tied to a specific themes in a short timeframe.  The fun of this series is learning key objectives about the theme of focus in an interactive way without going deep into any one area.  Typical design is up to 2 hours, but can be tailored.

Examples include:


  • Seed Mentoring: STEM Style – This session is designed to expose girls to the many options and opportunities of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Includes general exposure to women role models in STEM and interactive table experiments to show the application of STEM to everyday life. 

  • Seed Mentoring: Etiquette Edition – This session is designed to expose youth to etiquette as it shows up in different aspects of their lives.  Includes general exposure to table etiquette, phone and email etiquette, and teaches youth the art of the ‘thank you’ note.

  • Seed Mentoring: Civic Engagement & Service Learning This session is designed to inspire youth to engage in community service and volunteerism. Includes activities that help youth become empowered, active agents of positive change in their communities when they recognize a societal need that is not being addressed adequately.


Teen Talk


The iMatter Teen Talk series are a variety of interactive programs designed to get our youth engaged in the conversation around important topics that support esteem building and empowerment.  These sessions are designed to go deep on specific subjects as we plant seeds that build awareness and educate in a fun, interactive way.    Typical design is 2 to 4 hours, but can be tailored.

Examples include:


  • Teen Talk: The Relationship Edition – This in-depth, fun and interactive session focuses on education and awareness on how to make healthy relationship choices and touches on signs of unhealthy relationships including teen domestic violence and the support and resources available for youth in need. Due to the sensitive nature of topics discussed, iMatter will provide the host organization with a required parental consent form for all youth.

  • Teen Talk: The Finance Edition  – This in-depth, fun and interactive session focuses on education and awareness to support youth in managing money, understanding credit, creating a budget and tools for being smart savers and wise spenders.

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